Inside the occurrence „Untitled Blake McCormick venture“, statement dates a woman called Charlene

Inside the occurrence „Untitled Blake McCormick venture“, <a href="">Cougar dating apps</a> statement dates a woman called Charlene

Bill, like Dale and Boomhauer, enjoys a stronger admiration for Hank and sometimes seeks his advice before undertaking things, and for their assistance when in troubles. Despite being unpleasant by his emotional outbursts, Hank try shown to genuinely care about statement and is also seen trying to assist your as he’s in some trouble. When he believe Bill is dead, Hank tearfully outlined your as „Brave, honest, sweet. like a large ‚ol filled teddy bear“.

Statement occasionally will get dragged into Dale’s insane plans, and often could be the one that inadvertently destroys them

Dale sometimes appears insulting your more, typically informing your to shut-up. Despite Dale typically taking advantage of your, the 2 are fantastic company.

Jeff Boomhauer

Of all his associates, Boomhauer is apparently the one that gives him the most esteem, possibly due to the fact that costs as soon as aided a broken-hearted Boomhauer overcome a female which dumped your. Because their ability to keep working after virtually any getting rejected, expenses is the one in a position to snap Boomhauer of his depression when he refused by a lady he really had emotions for.

Laoma Souphanousinphone

Meeting in “Maid in Arlen”, expenses and Laoma honestly liked both and had gotten along better, dropping crazy rapidly, a great deal to Kahn’s scary. The two soon date, however their partnership ends up whenever Kahn interferes and convinces costs that Laoma liked the astronaut Harrison Schmitt. However, they get together again in the same episode. They they presumed the 2 will still be friends.

Creating flirted for a number of times, Bill and Karen outdated for a while in an after period

with Karen also briefly relocating with your. Statement ironically breaks with the lady as he decided these were moving too quickly. Both featuresn’t interacted since that time.


a former Arlen local and solitary mom of two little ones who he fulfilled on line. She and her young children relocated in with your shortly. The relationship ended after Charlene resumed the girl affair with John Redcorn after Dale sent the previous to pursue the woman on concern about expenses elevating Kate, whom the guy thinks is his child developed because of aliens.

Chuck Mangione

He is been shown to be a large enthusiast of Chuck, and it is mortified as he feels your become injured, though the guy forgets about Hank in the act.


Statement is actually at first from an upper-class Cajun family in Louisiana, who lived (until Gilbert was obligated to sell it) on a vast property called the Chateau D’Haute Rive („house on the high lake“). Thanks to this, he talks fluent Cajun French (and Tagalog among others) and takes on the accordion skillfully, which astonishes him just as much whilst do the rest of us. Their father was at minimum somewhat abusive, spanking him frequently and making him wear clothing. His sole live male related are their dandified cousin Gilbert, just who however lives in Louisiana; the two tend to be guardians associated with family members‘ key barbecue sauce dish, which Gilbert refuses to enable Bill to sell. But Bill ultimately told Bobby mountain the menu, maintaining the Dauterive custom lively.

During the occurrence „Bill of deals“ also, it is advised that costs provides psychologically masochistic tendencies after Peggy’s try to, in her own statement, „motivate your (business phase) with a bit of compliments (my personal label)“ backfires. Hank’s reaction („you’ll want puzzled your; are dumped on is perhaps all expenses understands“) causes Peggy to conclude that „costs has experienced a hard lifetime and then he loves it in that way“ and consequently describes him as a „nut work“. She seems to sway your to go back to your workplace for her by verbally abusing your. But she eventually fires your off emotions of guilt to take advantageous asset of their low self-esteem. Additionally, it is in this occurrence that costs reveals exceptional skill as a salesman, helping Peggy attain this lady sales quotas easily, within one instant offering 10,000 pubs to-be stocked when you look at the minibars during the hotel they certainly were staying in.

Often, statement’s crush on Peggy turns out to be weird and borderline stalker-like. In „cotton fiber’s story,“ expenses is observed by Dale playing Boggle with Peggy’s outdated human anatomy throw with a duct-taped visualize for a head, saying that „she always gains.“

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